How to Lock Bike on Car Bike Rack in a Few Steps

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Last updated: August 11, 2023
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Staying healthy and fit in today’s society is so important. Many of us are so busy with work and personal responsibilities that we can often find ourselves getting a bit lazy when it comes to exercise, therefore gaining a few unwanted pounds. Luckily, there are a lot of ways to stay active such as going to the gym, swimming, running and cycling.

Besides changing into the appropriate attire, most of those forms of exercise don’t need that much equipment. However, when it comes to cycling you might want to know how to lock bike to car bike rack, especially if you want to cycle in interesting places.

Together we’ll go through everything you need to know when it comes to securing your bike properly so you can get to your destination with ease while enjoying the journey!

Car bike rack safety advice

It is crucial that you know how to properly use a car bike rack. If the car bike rack or bikes aren’t secured properly, it can cause serious injury to those around you if it ends up coming off your car. If you enjoy cycling, you’ll most likely be going far distances with the intention to cycle so safety is key. You don’t want to place anyone else on the road in danger.

You may think about placing your bike inside of your vehicle but that can be problematic. You’ll need to take it apart to make it fit properly. Getting a car bike rack can save you a lot of hassle. However, when getting a car bike rack, you need to make sure it is the right one for the job, or else you could get fined.

How to secure bike to car rack

How to Lock Bike on Car Bike Rack in a Few Steps

Once you’ve looked into the right car bike rack for your needs, it’s important to then know how to secure the bike correctly so it doesn’t come loose. Each rack needs to be chosen with the weight and quantity of bikes kept in mind. For example, a bike hitch rack can help if you have multiple bikes you need to transport while other bike racks may only hold one bike. Whether you get a car bike rack for your roof or the back of your car, for a single bike or multiple bikes, it needs to be locked and secured properly.

Let’s go through how to secure your bike to your car rack properly and further discuss all the other options you have for securing your bike.

Step 1

Firstly, double-check that the bike rack or even your spare tire rack has been placed on correctly. When you’re done, make sure that it is sturdy and ready to be used. If your rack isn’t properly fitted on your car, the whole unit can fall off which will then be a hazard to those around you.

If you look into using a spare tire rack, which can be a budget-friendly bike rack, it has been suggested that the Allen Sports Deluxe 2 is worth the investment. With ratings as high as 4.5 starts out of 5, it’s an industry favorite.

Step 2

There are a few different options out there for you to choose from when it comes to placing your bike on the bike rack. Some racks allow you to put it on, all in one piece, after just taking off anything that’s removable. With other racks you will need to remove the front tire to place it with the rear tire or inside of your car.

Step 3

Using a U-lock, you can secure your bike through the seat and tires. If you have a passive lock strap or trunk lock strap, you can wrap the cable around the bike, securing it into place. You can also use a tow loop or something that is not removable from under the car. With this method you’d use a cord or durable strap, loop it around your bike, and through the tow loop, securing the bike in place.

How to secure bike to truck bed car rack

How to Lock Bike on Car Bike Rack in a Few Steps

With all the space you have in your truck bed, it can make a good place for you to store your bike or bikes during a trip. However, you can’t simply place your bike in the back because it could get damaged. Let’s go through how you can place it in your truck bed securely.

If you don’t feel comfortable with just using your truck bed as a means to transport your bikes you can also look into the Thule GateMate Pro. This will help store and carry your bikes in a secure and effortless way.

Step 1

The cheapest way to secure your bike in your truck bed would be by using bungee cords or soft straps. You start off by placing the bike on the truck bed straight up. You’ll probably need a little assistance with this. This is to make sure it doesn’t fall or get scratched or damaged.

Step 2

Next, you’d wrap the cord or strap around each side of the handlebar, making sure you wrap it securely. It is also suggested that you use a long cord or strap in order to tie down the rear end of the bike so it doesn’t bounce during transit.

Step 3

Once you’ve securely wrapped the handlebars and the rear end of the bike, tighten the cord or straps into the hooks of your truck bed. There are different ways to tie a knot so make sure you use a technique that will not allow your bike to budge:

How to secure bike to roof car rack

A roof rack is the most popular choice when it comes to placing objects onto a car, especially for long-distance trips, because it won’t take up unnecessary space inside of the car. It is also popular with cyclists because it can showcase the bike for everyone to see. Not to mention, it shows that you’re as outdoorsy as it gets! Here is how to safely secure your bike to your roof rack.

Step 1

The first step to using your roof rack would be to secure it properly to the roof of your car. This can be done by following the instructions that come with the roof rack. It would be pointless placing your bikes on the rack if it isn’t going to keep them there once you start driving.

Step 2

Some roof racks require you to remove the front tire, so if that needs to be done, do it before placing the bike on the rack. If you need to take the front tire off there should be a folk grabber that can be locked in order to stop thieves from trying to grab your bike.

Step 3

Once you place your bike on your roof rack, you then need to secure a strap around the tires to keep the bike in place. This will stop the bike from moving while you drive. With the right equipment, your bike will be secure and the frame of your car will remain undamaged.

It’s also good to keep in mind how you drive. This can impact the lift and drag of your bike.

Final thoughts

Staying active should be carefree and enjoyable which is why knowing all the right information about your sport is so important. When you set up appliances in your home, you do the necessary research to ensure safety and efficiency. You won’t need to worry about anything going wrong once you’ve followed all the appropriate steps. Use the same approach when it comes to your cycling hobby!

With the right tools and techniques, you’ll be able to ride your bike wherever you want. Why just ride around your neighborhood when you can ride your bike in more scenic areas?

Now that you know how to lock bike to car bike rack, you’ll be able to focus on enjoying the moment. Feel the wind in your hair while the adrenaline pumps through your body!

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