8 Awesome Kayak Storage Racks to Keep Your Boats Safe

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Kayaking is an excellent avocation. But what do you do when you take your kayak home? How do you store it? Is it crucial to have a kayak storage rack? Well, there are several reasons to invest in a good kayak holder. The best kayak storage racks securely stow these water vessels and have cushioning to protect the kayaks from needless scratching or chipping.

Finding the perfect kayak storage rack is, however, not a walk in the park. There are hundreds, if not thousands of products in the market and no one to help you find the quality ones. Luckily, we have tried out several kayak storage racks so that you don’t have to. We consider several features in our review. For example, the material of the racks. You need a weatherproof one that can be installed in numerous locations, both inside and outside. Load compatibility is also important as you should get a storage rack that can support one or more kayaks. Other important features include brand, size, straps, safety, and ease of assembly among others.

Top 8 Kayak Storage Racks Review 2021


RAD Sportz 1006Editor’s Choice

  • Weight Capacity: 175 lbs
  • Kayaks Number: 2
  • Installation: Freestanding
  • Dimensions: 52 by 94 by 26 inches
  • Warranty: 1–year limited

More Features: Powder-coated finish, cushioned sleeves, and UV-protected arms.

The rad Sportz kayak rack is the best option for storing your kayaks at home without taking up much space. It can accommodate two kayaks of different sizes without the need for extra support. The RAD sportz deluxe 1006 is powerful too and has a long-lasting powder-coated steel frame to stop rust if it gets damp from the kayaks.

Do you often stay in the sun for long periods? This kayak storage rack also comes with Ultraviolet rays protection. Therefore, it’s a great option if you want to stow your kayaks outside because they won’t lose their color in the sun.

Moreover, the storage rack requires simple assembly and it’s easy to both store the kayaks and remove them even by yourself. You will also be impressed by its weight capacity. This kayak storage rack has a large weight capacity and can accommodate kayaks of up to 175 lbs.

The RAD sportz deluxe 1006 is also one of the best brands on the market because of the premium construction. The outer paint on the rack is relatively strong and so, it won’t chip even after regular use.

What stands out? It can endure intense use for a long time. Also, it can easily accommodate two stand-up paddle boards or kayaks.

What cons did we manage to find? Set up instructions could’ve been clearer.

  • Weight Capacity: 100 lbs.
  • Kayaks Number: 2
  • Installation: Freestanding
  • Dimensions: 48 by 24 by 21.5 inches
  • Warranty: lifetime limited

More Features: load-assist pivot arms, UV-resistant straps, powder-coated finish

One of the best methods of stowing your kayaks is to hang them on straps so that there are no pressure points. This ensures that it doesn’t come into contact with a hard surface. Suspenz Deluxe Rack is a free-standing 2-boat rack that wraps your kayaks with pivot arms.

With the appropriate storage racks, your kayaks will be kept at the highest performance level. This kayak storage rack is firmly built and stable. It won’t fall even with the heftiest load as it has a steel core and self-leveling feet.

Moreover, your kayaks are fastened by hard-wearing, UV-proof straps that also safeguards it from scratches, hull distortion, and deformations. The pivot arms in the rack also make it easy for one person to load and unload the kayaks. It is also impressive that the rack modifies to the breadth, depth, and length of your kayak for even distribution of weight. You’ll save more room if you store kayaks on the rack’s side.

What makes it stand out? The Suspenz Freestanding kayak storage rack has an efficient mechanism that allows you to mount it easily.

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind? The carriage bolt needs two holes. It also could’ve been a bit cheaper.

  • Weight Capacity: 90 lbs (top), 120 lbs (bottom)
  • Kayaks Number: 2
  • Installation: Freestanding
  • Dimensions: 28 by 48 by 35 inches
  • Warranty: 1-year limited

More Features: tool-less assembly, compatible with wheels

If you want a simple, hassle-free rack, then the Sparehand Freestanding kayak rack is an excellent option. It’s manufactured using cannula steel and can hold up to 90 lbs on the upper storage rack and 120 lbs at the base.

The kayak stand has padded arms that stop it from wearing out from scratches. It requires easy assembly with no extra tools needed. However, it doesn’t come with wheels, but you can buy them separately if you want to make your kayak storage rack easier to move.

If you keep it outside, we recommended that you secure it because it may swing a bit during windy weather.

This kayak rack is immobile and doesn’t have wheels, which may be okay for people with just a few kayaks. Store it against the wall and get things out of your way without poking holes in the wall.

What are its best features? Assembling this rack is a breeze and doesn’t take much time and it’s sturdy. You will not need any tools to assemble it and the instructions are easy to comprehend.

What could be improved? It could have been a bit sturdier. This kayak storage rack does not accommodate a lot of kayaks.


Suspenz EZ Kayak RackBest Value

  • Weight Capacity: 125 lbs
  • Kayaks Number: 1
  • Installation: wall-mounted
  • Dimensions: 21 by 21 by 10 inches
  • Warranty: lifetime limited

More Features: reinforced safety straps, powder-coated finish, foam-padded arms

The Suspenz EZ Kayak Storage Rack is attached to the wall and comprises two robust brackets and straps. The brackets are manufactured using powder-coated steel. These racks come in black or yellow, which makes them ideal for use both outside and inside. The strengthened nylon straps ensure that the kayak is securely in place.

The Suspenz EZ rack is sufficiently powerful to hold up to 125 lbs. It also provides splendid protection to make sure that your kayak won’t get scratched. You should note that the rack is attached to the wall and stretches out by 21 inches. This means that you can attach it sufficiently high in your garage so that the kayak won’t interfere with your daily garage use.

You have to take into account the kayak’s weight when positioning and raising it on and off the kayak storage rack. The rack is inexpensive and it’s easy to put together and use.

What makes it stand out? It’s durable and sufficiently padded and, therefore, prevents scratches to your kayak. The fact that it is wall-mounted means that it will not take up much space. All you need to do is to find an isolated wall and mount it there.

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind? The upper strap could’ve been a bit longer.

  • Weight Capacity: 500 lbs
  • Kayaks Number: 6
  • Installation: Freestanding
  • Dimensions: 83 by 54 by 48 inches
  • Warranty: lifetime limited

More Features: padded arms, powder-coated finish, eight frame levelers

If you want to stow many kayaks, then this kayak storage rack is the ideal freestanding rack for you! It can accommodate up to 6 canoes or kayaks and has a weight capacity of 500 lbs. With a width of 4 feet and a height of 6 feet, you can put this freestanding model rack anywhere.

It’s fit to be used for both outdoors and indoors as the powder-coated metal can endure any condition of the weather.

This kayak storage rack comes with foam-covered J-style kayak hooks to keep your kayaks safe. It also has two foam starter blocks sets on the lower rack. Even if you store kayaks on only one side of the kayak storage rack, it’ll still be stable and firmly built.

Some people also keep their bikes on one side and then the kayaks on the other side. Clients adore the versatility of this storage kayak rack. It comes with an option to add locking wheels so that the rack can roll in your garage or storage room even if it’s completely loaded.

Why is it special? The assembly hardware is well organized and makes putting it together easier.

What are the flaws? The arms could have been better shaped for the kayaks to sit flat.


Ajillis 71 Kayak Storage RackBest Kayak Storage Rack with Rollers

  • Weight Capacity: 360 lbs
  • Kayaks Number: 6
  • Installation: Freestanding
  • Dimensions: 72 by 72 by 47 inches
  • Warranty: 60-day return policy

More Features: Caster wheels, assembly required, foam-padded arms

The Ajillis kayak rack can accommodate up to 6 diverse kayaks. It is, therefore, a perfect option if you have a big family, each with their own space to store kayaks. This kayak storage rack is easy to install as it can even be done by one person.

The rack is extremely durable and firmly built with powerful steel that keeps your kayaks secure during storage. Its arms are entirely padded to stop scratches and are also detachable if you want to clean them. Moreover, it has four caster wheels that make it easy to move around even if it’s completely loaded with six kayaks.

We noted that it can be tricky storing the kayaks on the upper racks, particularly on your own. But, with a bit of assistance from a willing companion, you’ll be fine. It’s simply one of the simple yet efficient kayak storage racks in the shops and also highly recommended.

Why did it make our list? This rack is easy to assemble as it has clear instructions.

What is not ideal about it? The arms of the kayak storage rack should be detachable.


StoreYourBoard 2 Kayak Ceiling RackBest Ceiling Kayak Rack

  • Weight Capacity: 150 lbs
  • Kayaks Number: 2
  • Installation: Ceiling-mounted
  • Dimensions: 10-18 by 30 inches
  • Warranty: 90-day return policy

More Features: hardware included, 90-degree rotational base, foam-padded arms, adjustable height

Would you fancy a unique kayak storage rack that will always earn your compliments from friends? How about StoreYourBoard 2 Kayak Ceiling Rack. This storage rack can give you an efficient and stylish way to store your kayaks while still creating space in your room.

What about safety? You may ask. Well, this kayak storage rack comes with padded arms to ensure that your kayaks don’t slip and are protected from abrasion. The ceiling bracket can be adjusted to accommodate kayaks from 10 to 18 inches deep. Just adjust the rack to suit your kayak size! You can make use of the two sides of the storage rack to stow stand-up paddleboards or two kayaks. If you need to store only one kayak, you can detach one set of arms.

The spinning mounting bracket is suitable for an array of ceiling hoists, allowing you to level the rack for a secure connection. This rack is suitable for short or long kayaks as you can attach every side of the rack at the correct spacing.

What do we love it for? We were satisfied with the ease of installation of these racks. The rack can also be tailor-made to suit specific requirements. Irrespective of where you attach this rack, be it in a garage, in the house, or shed, it’ll work well!

What were we disappointed with? The assembly hardware could’ve been of high-quality.


Best Marine Kayak Storage RacksBest Marine Kayak Storage Rack

  • Weight Capacity: 100 lbs
  • Kayaks Number: 1
  • Installation: wall-mounted
  • Dimensions: 22 by 19.5 inches
  • Warranty: not specified

More Features: Nylon covered foam-padded arms, adjustable straps, powder-coated finish

If space is an issue, then this rack could be the solution to your problem. It’s designed to ensure that your kayak is secure while occupying a little space in your home. This storage rack lets the kayak hang on a wall and this implies that you just require a small nook to store your kayak.

These kayak storage racks are light and simple to put together, yet sufficiently strong to hold a wide variety of kayaks weighing up to 100 lbs.

The rack is 22 inches tall and protrudes 19.5 inches from the wall for a pact kayak stowing solution. It features a nylon cushioning that ensures that your kayak is protected from damage or scratches during storage.

What’s more? This storage rack comes fully assembled and ready to hang with little effort. Just unpack it and hang high in your garage, wharf, shed, or a wall within no time, you will enjoy your storage rack.

What makes it stand out? It doesn’t require much assembly. It is also easy to put together and relatively inexpensive.

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind? It should have a place where you can attach a security cable.

Things to Consider

Both kayaks and kayak storage racks come in different shapes and sizes. Remember that the best storage rack for you isn’t necessarily similar to what your friend has. Before you buy, or even take into account the diverse kayak storage rack ideas, you should consider some essential features. This ensures that you choose the correct kayak storage rack for your requirements. Our buying guide will help you avoid buying a rack that appears marvelous but doesn’t work well.

How to Store Kayaks Properly on a Rack

8 Awesome Kayak Storage Racks to Keep Your Boats Safe

Maintaining your kayak in good condition begins with making sure that you have sufficient storage and that you handle the vessel appropriately. You’ll extend your kayak’s lifespan if you take care of it when it’s not in use. Here are some tips to help you store your kayaks properly.

Clean your Kayak Completely

Cleaning your kayak should be a regular thing. This is particularly crucial if you’ve been in the ocean because salty water may accumulate and damage your kayak’s material. Make it a habit to clean the kayak down cautiously after every use to eradicate damage or corrosion.

Take away the fabric seating

It’s always good to remove any fabric that may be on the seats and ensure that they’re completely desiccated. The risk of the fabric developing mold increases if you leave it damp. It’s not just unpleasant but can also cause damage to your kayak.

Keep away from flat surfaces

Ensure that you don’t store your kayak on a level surface for more than one day as this will result in an uneven distribution of weight and can lead to warping and disintegrating of the kayak’s shape.

Instead, you can select a freestanding or wall-mounted rack or hook that can keep your kayak securely and evenly.

Keep away from direct sunlight

When you’re on the water, the radiant sun may be suitable, but it can cause fading and damage to your kayak. If you’ll stow the kayak outside, ensure that you have a cover, or choose a shady place to safeguard the kayak’s outer shell.

Security is crucial

Anyone with green eyes will definitely steal your good-looking kayak. Well, if you allow them to do so.  Always ensure that you have a safe, lockable room for your kayak to safeguard it. It is advisable to also check on indemnity policies to ensure that you don’t lose money if there’s vandalism or theft. This will assist you to regain damages and costs.

Installation Tips – How to Put a Kayak Rack on a Wall

Keep your kayak indoors if you want to safeguard it from weather elements. And while this may seem complicated, installation is actually a breeze depending on the type of rack you have. The best place to stow a large kayak is in the garage. Hanging it is an excellent way of keeping it secure and clean. Most kayak storage racks like the Sparehand Freestanding Dual Storage Rack can easily be assembled without any tools. All you have to do is to follow the instructions in the manual.

Screwing a kayak hanger to support beams on the wall of the garage is another way of doing this. Some kayak storage racks like the Best Marine Kayak Storage Racks are mounted from the wall. You may have to bolt some holes through the wall so you may need some tools.

If you don’t have sufficient room for a wall mount, hang the kayak from the ceiling. This way, the kayak becomes more accessible so you can clean it when in storage. Ensure that your kayak is safeguarded all winter so that it stays in excellent condition. StoreYourBoard 2 Kayak Ceiling Rack is a great ceiling-attached kayak storage rack.


Similar to other items, you need to reflect on the cost before selecting a particular kayak storage system. You should create a budget and adhere to it when purchasing a kayak storage rack.  The cost of kayak storage racks differs significantly. This is why you should first establish how much you can afford. If you can spare a few hundred dollars then you can get a premium quality rack like the Suspenz Deluxe Free-Standing Rack. That said, you can still get a good value rack like the Suspenz EZ Kayak Rack at an affordable price.

It is also good to go through client reviews online to differentiate between the trusted and untrusted makers and brands. Regardless of price. If you see a lot of grievances from a particular brand or maker, don’t waste your time there. Take a look at what people are saying on other websites.

Features to Consider While Buying the Best Kayak Storage Rack

8 Awesome Kayak Storage Racks to Keep Your Boats Safe

There are a few important features to consider when purchasing a kayak storage rack. Here are a couple of features you should look out for when choosing a kayak storage rack.

Weight Capacity

Kayaks racks are available in numerous shapes and sizes.

You have to know your kayak’s size, or the kayak you want to buy. A normal recreational kayak’s length is between 6 and 12 feet, while a kayak used professionally may be as lengthy as 18 feet, thus adding in weight several pounds you don’t want to load on a regular storage rack.

You should be certain about your kayak’s size as it’ll help you make sure that you’re selecting a kayak storage rack that can house your kayak. Kayak storage racks can accommodate a certain number of kayaks. Take into account the number of kayaks you have and if you would like to stow them together or individually. If you have many kayaks; know the biggest kayak’s size.

Big sit-on-top racks are generally heftier than little whitewater racks. Ensure that you select a kayak storage rack that can support the weight of your kayak. Malone Auto Racks FS 6 stands out in this regard as it can hold an impressive 500-pound weight of up to 6 kayaks.


Many cradle frames or the best kayak storage rack wall mounts are manufactured using steel. They’re powder-coated for durability and to make them rust-proof too. There are numerous ways in which powder-coating may help the steel frame. For instance, it enhances durability, requires little or no maintenance, and more. However, if the rack uses straps, inspect its quality also. Besides the straps’ quality, check its breadth and length. You should also check what weight capacity the straps can hold.

Storage Type

There are numerous options for kayak storage racks in the shops. Irrespective of whether you’re searching for wall-attached racks or freestanding kayak storage racks there are tons of options to select from. Wall-mounted kayak storage racks like Suspenz EZ Kayak Rack are great if you do not have much space. Other kayak storage racks like the StoreYourBoard 2 Kayak Ceiling Rack are mounted on the ceiling. These storage types also minimize the use of space while improving the aesthetics of your room too. Lastly, there are freestanding kayak storage racks like the RAD Sportz Deluxe 1006. These are often very stable and can store more kayaks.


Before purchasing a kayak storage rack, ask yourself, “am I good with tools?” If you’re a complete newbie, or you know that you’re the kind that falls off a ladder, find a kayak storage rack like the Sparehand Freestanding Dual Storage Rack that needs no tools.

Wall and ceiling mounts are excellent options that’ll free up space in your home if you want total DIY versatility. Most of the ceiling mounting and vertical floor stand choices need a bit of DIY when it comes to measuring, connecting, and configuration. Sometimes directions on assembly are barely thorough. Therefore, request a friend with the technical know-how to come over before you begin.


Most kayak storage racks come with a one-year limited guarantee while others have a warranty of a lifetime. Suspenz Deluxe Free-Standing Rack and Malone Auto Racks FS 6 stand out with lifetime warranties.

Some kayak racks also have a return policy whereby if the rack develops any defect, you can return it where you purchased it and get another one. The return policy is usually for a specified period.

8 Awesome Kayak Storage Racks to Keep Your Boats Safe


Not all kayak storage racks use straps to support the kayaks. Most wall-mounted kayak storage racks like Suspenz EZ Kayak Rack will use straps to secure your kayak. Straps ensure that your kayak is in position and won’t slip off when in storage. They are useful in preventing accidents in the event your kayak falls off. That said, you need strong straps that will not give up and end up damaging your expensive kayaks. Ensure the kayak storage racks have strong straps if you do not wish to incur losses later.


When choosing a lifting system, make sure that your kayak storage rack has a safe locking mechanism to stop the unintentional lifting or lowering of your kayak. The security locking feature is crucial for the user and the kayak’s safety. A good electric or manual hoist storage system has this feature to stop the accidental falling of your kayak when suspended from the ceiling.

Extra Features

Several kayak storage systems come with hooks and choices to help you arrange your lifejacket, paddle, and other accessories.

Most ceiling-mounted racks are compatible with numerous items. This makes them versatile. You can store kayaks, bicycles, ladders, and more on a ceiling-attached rack. Additionally, you can utilize the ceiling space that would have not been used.


Wall-mounted kayak storage racks are usually attached directly to the studs behind your wall with long screws. With a stud finder, find the ideal place and then use the included hardware or 3.5-inch screws to install it. A measuring tape and a level may also help!

Though not a must, you should possibly consider having an aide to handle your tools and support the ladder. Similar to wall attached racks; ceiling-mounted racks are usually screwed into the studs directly on the joists of the ceiling. Therefore, a stud finder comes in handy.

To make sure your kayak rack lasts long, it’s suggested that the feet don’t touch the ground, but instead, they should be elevated and placed on a landscape block or something similar to that.

You can purchase a rack with a finish or carry out the finishing by yourself. Use an outdoor finish or a stain of your preferred color and follow the directions on the can. Breathable finishes will prolong your rack’s life the most.

You can also let it stay without a finish. In such an instance, it turns gray and will still last long.

If you have a big kayak, the best storage rack for a large kayak should be the RAD Sportz Deluxe 1006 or Suspenz Deluxe Free-Standing Rack. The two kayak racks are manufactured using powder-coated strengthened steel and have a large weight capacity and can, therefore accommodate large kayaks.

Our Verdict

Our top choice is the RAD Sportz Deluxe 1006, and for good reasons. It has a sufficient weight capacity that allows it to hold 175 lbs, making it ideal for all kayak’s sizes. Also, its powder-coated steel material ensures that it lasts longer. This kayak storage rack is also versatile and customizable as it can be adjusted as per the size of your kayak.

Our premium pick is the Suspenz Deluxe Free-Standing. If you have large kayaks that need a stable storage rack then this is a wise pick. This kayak storage rack is firmly built and stable. It comes with a steel core and self-leveling feet to support even the heaviest load.

The Suspenz EZ Kayak Rack is a suitable choice if you’re looking for an affordable kayak storage rack. It’s a wall-mounted rack that you can use both indoors and outdoors. Aside from being inexpensive, this kayak storage rack comes padded to prevent scratches. It is also wall-mounted and won’t take up much space.

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